Antilia is a 27-story skyscraper located in Mumbai, India, and is considered one of the most expensive private homes in the world. Its construction cost an estimated $2 billion orINR  15000 crore .

The name "Antilia" is derived from the mythical island of Antilla, which was believed to be larger than the Atlantic Ocean.

The building has been designed by Chicago-based architect, Perkins+Will. The design is inspired by a lotus flower, which is a symbol of prosperity and good luck in Hinduism.

Antilia has a total floor area of 37,161 square meters (400,000 sq ft) Or 9.18  acres, which is roughly the size of three football fields.

The building has six floors of underground parking, which can accommodate up to 168 cars.

There are four helipads on the roof of the building, allowing for easy access by helicopter.

Antilia is equipped with advanced security features, including bulletproof glass, blast-proof doors, and CCTV cameras.

The building has its own water and power supply systems, making it self-sufficient in case of emergencies.

In 2010, Antilia was named the "World's Most Expensive Home" by Forbes magazine.

Beat the Mumbai heat in Antilia's very own snow room, complete with artificial snowfall and ice sculptures. Perfect for hosting après-ski parties, Mumbai-style!

The building has a staff of 600 people who are responsible for its upkeep and maintenance.

Dive into tranquility in the underwater spa, where floor-to-ceiling windows reveal an aquarium teeming with marine life, creating a serene atmosphere for relaxation.