Stanford dropout, industry disruptor: He left Stanford's MBA program to jump-start Reliance, later shaking up India's telecom with Jio's affordable data revolution.

Dog whisperer: Ambani's furry companions, Huskies named Rush and Bash, are his loyal furry friends, often joining him for walks.

Art collector, hidden masterpiece: Beyond the glitz, he quietly acquires Indian contemporary art, housing a hidden gem by Tyeb Mehta in Antilia.

Food connoisseur, global palate: From home-cooked Gujarati dal to exotic French delicacies, his love for food transcends borders.

Vinyl aficionado: In a world of digital tunes, Ambani unwinds with classic vinyl records, owning a prized collection spanning genres.

Cricket superstition: He never misses a Mumbai Indians match, and his lucky charm? A simple potato tucked in his pocket!

Nature lover, unexpected retreat: Away from the city's frenzy, he finds solace in his private farmhouse, surrounded by lush greenery.

Movie marathoner, late-night binge-watcher: When work allows, he indulges in movie marathons, from Bollywood flicks to Hollywood blockbusters.

Karaoke king, private jam sessions: Friends reveal his hidden talent for singing, belting out tunes during private karaoke sessions.

Language whiz, multilingual master: Fluent in Gujarati, Hindi, and English, he's also learning French, embracing new cultures.