Elon Reeve Musk (pronounced EE-lon, born June 28, 1971) is a businessman and investor. He is SpaceX’s founder, chairman, CEO, and CTO; Tesla Inc.’s angel investor, CEO, product architect, and former chairman; X Corp.’s owner, executive chairman, and CTO; the Boring Company and open AI founder; Neuralink and OpenAI co-founders; and the Musk Foundation’s president. He is one among the world’s richest persons, with an estimated net worth of US$190 billion as of March 2024, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, and $195 billion according to Forbes, owing to his ownership shares in Tesla and SpaceX.

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A name that will surely be remembered in history books for a long time is Elon Musk. He is a unique blend of Thomas Edison and Tony Stark. But where did his remarkable journey begin? What events shaped him into the person he is today? In this article , we will explore the captivating story of Elon Musk’s path from Africa to Canada and finally to his ultimate destination, America.

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Elon’s life has been shaped by all the hardships he faced as a child both in school and at home. From being beaten up in school to facing father’s mental torture , adversity shaped Elon Musk – the man who would change the world forever. All these hardships worked as a whetting stone sharpening his will power and determination preparing him to be the man he has become.

To fully grasp the circumstances that shaped Elon Musk , it is important to understand his family dynamics and especially his relationship with his father which inspired and failed him in equal measure creating a whirlwind of emotions that shaped him into ‘The’ Elon Musk as we know him.

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Living with Errol offered intellectual stimulation due to the abundance of books, but it also came with its share of challenges. Their relationship was strained, marked by arguments and instances of emotional abuse. The turbulent environment at home and the violent realities in South Africa pushed Elon and his brother Kimbal to seek solace in their own imaginary worlds.

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Elon faced relentless bullying and violence during his adolescent years, which further isolated him. Despite these hardships, he found comfort in his love for books and technology. Elon’s enthusiasm for physics and computers led him to excel in those subjects, even though his overall academic performance was average.

When the opportunity arose for Elon to move to Canada, he seized it eagerly. Canada served as a pivotal point in Elon Musk’s life journey, shaping him into the visionary he is today. Follow us on this intriguing voyage through the life of this extraordinary man.

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Disruptive And Somewhat Dysfunctional Family Dynamics

Elon Musk, celebrated as an iconic figure in audacious innovation, didn’t emerge from a background of privilege. His narrative intertwines with a captivating family history – a complex tapestry interwoven with ambition, resilience, and a touch of eccentricity.

The Patriarch : Errol Musk – Elon’s Father

Errol Musk, a wheeler-dealer and adventurer, was driven by his passion for finding the next big thing. His mother, Cora, was originally from England and left school at fourteen to work at a factory producing skins for fighter-bombers before boarding a ship for safety in South Africa. There, she met Walter Musk, a military intelligence officer and cryptographer who worked in Egypt on plans to trick the Germans into thinking they were in possession of real weapons and searchlights. After leaving him, Cora bought a Buick, travelled back to England with their two kids, and departed for Pretoria.

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Errol completed his engineering degree and worked on the construction of industries, hotels, and retail malls. He enjoyed rebuilding vintage vehicles and aircraft on the side. He also dabbled in politics, beating out an Afrikaner National Party member who supported apartheid to become one of the few English-speaking council members in Pretoria.

Errol Musk epitomized versatility. As an engineer, pilot, sailor, emerald miner  and property developer hailing from South Africa, Errol radiated an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit. He could have been the inspiration for early interest that Elon had in science and books .However, a strained relationship between him and Elon, suggesting that Errol’s demanding and critical nature may have fueled Elon’s relentless pursuit of success and accomplishment.

Maye Musk: The Driving Force of Entrepreneurial Spirit

In stark contrast to Errol’s intensity, Elon’s mother, Maye Musk, emerges as a beacon of inspiration. A model and dietitian with a captivating aura, Maye instilled a fervent love for learning and a robust work ethic in her children. Even in her seventies, Maye continues to model and advocate for healthy aging, undoubtedly influencing Elon’s unwavering determination.

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Erol And Maye Get Married

Maye Haldeman and Errol Musk began dating at a young age, but their relationship was fraught with turmoil. Maye was angry when she discovered he was having an affair, leading to a week of physical and emotional pain. She dropped ten pounds due to grief, which helped her win a local beauty contest and advance to the Miss South Africa finals. After graduating college, Maye moved to Cape Town to teach nutrition, and Errol proposed to her. Maye agreed, despite her previous unfaithful relationship and weight gain.

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Errol and Maye traveled to Europe for their honeymoon, where he purchased copies of Playboy, an outlawed South African book, while in France. Their fights were acrimonious, and Maye considered dissolved the marriage but was soon diagnosed with morning sickness. On their second night of honeymoon in Nice, she found out she was pregnant, making it clear that marrying Errol was a mistake that was impossible to undo.

Sibling Synergy: Kimbal ( b. 1972) and Tosca Musk (b.1974) – Pioneering Their Own Journeys

Elon isn’t the lone Musk sibling making waves. His younger brother, Kimbal, has carved a niche for himself as a thriving entrepreneur focused on sustainable food systems. His restaurant group emphasizes locally sourced ingredients, while his non-profit, Big Green, establishes learning gardens in schools, echoing Elon’s vision for renewable energy.

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Tosca Musk, Elon’s younger sister, showcases her creative prowess as a filmmaker driven by a passion for storytelling. She founded Passionflix, a streaming service dedicated to romance novels, complementing Elon’s technological focus with her artistic flair.

Beyond Blood: Lyndon Rive – A Cousin in the Realm of Innovation

Elon’s family extends beyond immediate relatives, with his cousin through his mother’s side, Lyndon Rive, co-founding SolarCity, later acquired by Tesla. This partnership underscores a shared familial interest in sustainable technology, hinting at an influence that transcends mere genetics.

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A Complex Family Dynamic

The Musk family dynamic is far from perfect, characterized by strained relationships and a relatively private childhood. Yet, a common thread of ambition and a penchant for challenging norms runs through the family.

The Musk Legacy: Beyond Wealth and Space Exploration

The Musk family narrative transcends mere financial success or interplanetary colonization. It embodies the potency of familial bonds, even amidst complexity, in nurturing ambition and a drive for impact. Maye’s unwavering support, Kimbal’s dedication to social good, and Tosca’s creative spirit collectively shaped Elon’s trajectory.

Understanding the intricate Musk family saga offers a profound context for Elon’s audacious ventures. It’s not just a tale of technological disruption but a testament to a family where the seeds of innovation were sown early, nurtured by a diverse array of personalities and aspirations


At 7.30 AM On June 28, 1971, Elon was born into Maye Musk’s family weighing eight pounds, eight ounces. His parents had originally decided to name him Nice, but then had second thoughts and named him Elon, after Maye’s maternal grandparents, J. Elon Haldeman and Reeve. The choice of the name “Elon” was ultimately made to please Maye because it was a biblical name.

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Elon had a difficult childhood, crying a lot, eating little, and getting little sleep. When neighbours called the police, his mother had second thoughts, and his feelings changed rapidly. During the next two years, Maye gave birth to two more children, Kimbal and Tosca, who could go wherever without the need for a babysitter


Errol Musk and Maye were at an Oktoberfest celebration when a man called Maye “sexy.” Maye remembers the incident, where he lunged and was about to hit her. Errol calls the accusations “absolute rubbish” and claims he adored Maye and tried to win her back over the years. He never laid a hand on a woman in his life, and a man’s weapons are to buy and sign.

errol musk with maye musk and three young children

After the Oktoberfest altercation, Errol apologized to Maye’s mother and asked her to come back. Maye said that he never touched her again, but his verbal abuse continued. The marriage never recovered, and Errol later admitted it was his fault. They divorced when Elon was eight.

Maye and the children moved to a house near Durban, where she juggled jobs as a model and dietician. There was little money, and she had to buy her kids secondhand books and uniforms. Elon developed into a night person, staying up until dawn reading books.

After getting calls from the school, Errol launched a custody battle and had subpoenas issued for Elon’s teachers, Maye’s modeling agent, and their neighbors. Right before going to trial, Errol dropped the case. Every few years, he would initiate another court action and then drop it.

Life With His Father

At age ten, Elon Musk decided to move in with his father, Errol, who was lonely and used psychological wiles on him. Elon also adored his grandmother, Errol’s mother Cora, known as Nana, who convinced him that it was unfair that his mother had all three children and his father had none. The move was not all that mysterious, as Elon was socially awkward and had no friends. His mother was loving but overworked, distracted, and vulnerable.

errol musk with children

Errol, a swaggering and manly man with large hands and a mesmerizing presence, owned a gold-colored convertible Rolls-Royce Corniche and two sets of encyclopedias, lots of books, and a variety of engineering tools. After the boys moved in, they helped Errol build a lodge that he could rent to tourists in the Timbavati Game Reserve. During construction, they slept around a fire at night, with Browning rifles to protect them against lions.

a mud cottage

Elon often accompanied visitors on hunts, becoming an expert shot and winning a local skeet-shooting contest. When Elon was nine, his father took him, Kimbal, and Tosca on a trip to America, where they drove from New York through the Midwest and then down to Florida. Elon became hooked on the coin-operated video games he found in motel lobbies, which was by far the most exciting thing.

Errol displayed his mix of flamboyance and frugality, renting a Thunderbird but staying in budget inns. When they got to Orlando, his father refused to take them to Disney World because it was too expensive. He insists that they went to some water park instead. Musk told them over and over on the trip, ‘America is where you will come live someday.’ Two years later, he took the three children to Hong Kong.

Elon and Kimbal wandered the streets, going into electronics stores where they could play video games for free. Nowadays someone would call the child-protection service if someone did what their dad did, but for them back then, it was a wondrous experience.

Troubled childhood

He grew up in Pretoria, a major city in the northeastern region of South Africa, just an hour’s drive from Johannesburg. Elon’s upbringing took place during apartheid, a tumultuous period marked by frequent conflicts between blacks and whites. This violent history cast a shadow over his childhood and was one of the factors that led him to leave the country. Despite his family’s wealth shielding him from some of the turbulence in South Africa, Elon’s personality often landed him in trouble.

As a child, Elon was somewhat introverted and bookish, preferring reading over sports, which made it challenging for him to maintain friendships. While school presented its own difficulties, home life was equally tough.

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In his early years, Elon lived with both his parents, Mae and Errol Musk, and his siblings Kimbal and Tosca in Pretoria. Elon’s parents were already going through a rough patch in their relationship , they would often get embroiled in heated arguments and Musk often found himself caught in the crossfire of their arguments and strained relationship. When in 1980 ,Elon was nine, his parents separated, and he later chose to live with his father after an initial period with his mother.

This separation deeply affected him. The emotional toll of their separation, compounded by the cultural upheaval of apartheid-era South Africa, presented a challenging environment for young Elon to navigate.

The relationship with his father was particularly challenging. Errol Musk was strict and rarely showed warmth or encouragement. This strained dynamic left Elon feeling isolated and insecure, spurring him to pursue independence and success with even greater determination.

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A child primarily has two worlds one at home and the other at school, and one in most cases offers solace in case something goes wrong in the other , but in Elon’s case both his worlds were falling apart. Kimble , Elon’s younger brother recalls Elon going to a wilderness survival camp where rationed food and water was given to each kid and they were supposed to survive on these rationed supplies.

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The kids were encouraged to snatch away supplies from others as a mode of survival and older kids soon learnt to bully the younger ones and punch them in the face , and Elon got beaten up twice and ended up losing 10 pounds as a result of this traumatic wilderness survival camp known as ‘veldskool’.

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Towards the end of the ‘veldskool’ camp boys would be divided into two camps and would be asked to attack each other, and every once in a while some child would die in such attack. Such kids who would die would be considered dumb and weak. The second time Elon went to veldskool was when he was already 16 and about 6 foot. He had become quite gigantic, towering , intimidating and had also learnt a bit of judo. He learnt that if he punched the bullies quite hard in the face , not only would they back off but not come after him again.

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South Africa of 1980s was a violent place with gun and knife attacks a common place thing. Once , on their way to an anti-apartheid concert , while getting off the train , they had to wade through a pool of blood of a person lying dead on the platform with a knife sticking out of his brain. Such was the place of Elon’s formative years

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Another insightful incident from Elon Musk’s childhood is that when one of their pet German Shepherd dogs bit Elon when he was all the six and took a massive bite of flesh from his back. And when he was in the operation theater about to be stitched up , he refused any treatment unless he was promised that the dog would not be punished but the dog was shot dead nevertheless.

In school, he found it hard to pick up social cues and in result was on awkward terms with students and teachers alike and was bullied as a result and was more often than not punched in the face. Getting punched in the face and on the nose can affect you for the rest of your life , according to Musk.

maye with elon , kimbal and tosca
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He was once beaten up so badly by a gang of boys in the school that his face had become a chunk of swollen and bleeding flesh and that he had become completely unrecognizable. Elon had to be hospitalized and could not go to school for a week. Even decades later, he had to undergo corrective surgeries to fix tissues in his nose.

And nothing could be more disturbing than the fact that Elon’s father sided with the perpetrator of the crime and gave an earful to the young Elon pinning the whole blame  on Elon for having provoked the boy as Elon had a tendency to call people stupid. Though the offending boy was sent to the juvenile prison for his doing but young Elon’ s body and mind were forever scarred.

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In addition to familial difficulties, Musk faced bullying and felt like an outsider at school due to his differences. Being a small kid with a bookish bent, Musk became a target, enduring isolation and even a brutal beating that required hospitalization. Seeking solace in the world of books and technology, he developed a passion for subjects like science and engineering.

Turning to the boundless realm of imagination for refuge, Musk delved into classic science fiction literature, envisioning a future where humanity would venture into space and conquer technical challenges. Inspired by the works of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Robert A. Heinlein, Musk found hope and motivation in these imagined worlds.

Despite the hurdles, Musk displayed remarkable intelligence and resilience. Instead of allowing setbacks to deter him, he used them as fuel to propel himself towards his goals and make a positive impact on society.

Reflecting on his tumultuous upbringing, Musk acknowledges its profound influence on shaping his character and driving his ambition. He views adversity as a catalyst for personal growth and self-discovery.

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Musk’s journey underscores the importance of resilience in overcoming challenges. From his challenging childhood to becoming a titan of industry, his story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance.

As we celebrate Musk’s achievements, let’s not forget the hardships he endured and the resilience he demonstrated. His story serves as an inspiration to us all, encouraging us to push past obstacles and strive for greatness in our own lives.

While the scars of his youth may not be readily visible, they undoubtedly cast a long shadow.  Some suggest a connection between his relentless work ethic and a need to outrun past struggles.  His biographer, Walter Isaacson, even refers to a “demon mode” triggered by setbacks, perhaps a reflection of unresolved childhood frustrations.

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Despite the myriad challenges he faced, Musk’s resilience shone through. He channeled his pain into drive, striving to create a better society. From selling a video game he created at the age of 12 to launching a web software firm during his undergraduate years, Musk’s early ventures were driven not just by financial gain but by his unwavering belief in the power of creativity.

Musk’s turbulent upbringing imparted crucial lessons:

Compassion: His firsthand experience with divorce and emotional turmoil informed his approach to relationships and leadership.

Persistence: Bullying and solitude fueled his determination to prove himself, viewing failures as opportunities for growth rather than barriers.

Creativity: Immersing himself in science fiction enabled Musk to transcend the confines of reality, influencing his ambitious projects aimed at shaping humanity’s destiny.

From a foundation marked by emotion, adversity, and innovation emerged a visionary who would go on to revolutionize electric vehicles, space exploration, and renewable energy.

At just 17, Musk made a bold move, leaving South Africa for Canada and eventually the United States. It was a symbolic escape, a physical manifestation of his yearning to forge a new path. This hunger to break free would become a hallmark of his ventures – from electric cars challenging the gas giants to rockets defying the Earth’s gravity.

Relationships And Marriages

Elon Musk, renowned for his groundbreaking work in electric vehicles and space exploration, leads a personal life rife with intrigue. His romantic journey is marked by significant relationships and unforeseen twists.

Justine Musk (formerly Wilson): The Cornerstone of Family

In 2000, Musk exchanged vows with Justine Wilson, a Canadian writer he met at Queen’s University. Justine brought a grounded balance to Elon’s ambitious spirit, and together they welcomed six children. However, the demands of a large family clashed with Musk’s burgeoning career, leading to their divorce in 2008.

elon and justine wilson
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Talulah Riley: A Whirlwind Affair

Following his separation from Justine, Musk embarked on a whirlwind romance with English actress Talulah Riley in 2010. Their undeniable connection led to marriage that same year. Their relationship endured two divorces ,the first one being in 2012 but ended in a subsequent reconciliation in 2012 and the 2nd divorce in 2016 finally ended the relationship.

elon and talulah riley
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Grimes: A Fusion of Art and Innovation

In 2018, Musk’s personal life took a surprising turn with his involvement with Grimes, the Canadian art-pop musician. Their union seemed to blend artistic expression with technological innovation, documented through cryptic social media posts and occasional public appearances. Together, they welcomed two children. However, by September 2021, Musk and Grimes reportedly ended their relationship.

elon and grimes
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A New Chapter: Shivon Zilis and the Convergence of Personal and Professional

In July 2022, a revelation rattled the Muskverse when it was revealed that Zilis, a Neuralink executive, had secretly given birth to twins fathered by Musk. This disclosure prompted questions about their relationship and potential conflicts of interest within Musk’s enterprises.

elon shivon zillis and their twins
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The Future of Love in the Muskiverse

Elon Musk’s romantic journey, akin to his ventures, embodies his unconventional approach to life. Balancing family, navigating intricate relationships, and fathering nine children, he continues to revolutionize industries. As Musk pushes the boundaries of technology, speculation arises about the future of his personal life. Will he find a partner who shares his ambition, or will his focus remain on his professional endeavors? Only time will unveil the answer.


Elon Musk is a father of ten kids. With Canadian writer Justine Wilson, he had six children; their eldest, who was just ten weeks old, passed away from SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome. Then the couple gave birth to triplets and twins. He and musician Grimes are parents to two children. In November 2021, Musk and Shivon Zilis, a senior executive at Neuralink, gave birth to twins.
Son(s): Griffin, Kai, Damian, Saxon and a son named X Æ A-12 Musk with his girlfriend Grimes.

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Xavier Alexander Musk’s daughter Elon Musk and Grimes had a girl via surrogacy as their second child in March 2022.

Note: Xavier Alexander Musk, his transgender biological daughter, applied for a name change in June 2022, stating that she “no longer wishes to be related” to the CEO of SpaceX. She petitioned the Los Angeles court to register her new name, Vivian Jenna Wilson, and to modify her gender recognition from male to female.


Elon Musk’s Academic Odyssey: From Pretoria to Palo Alto

Elon Musk, the visionary architect behind Tesla, SpaceX, and a myriad of pioneering ventures, embodies a spirit that transcends mere imagination. His educational odyssey unveils a captivating interplay between innate brilliance, strategic decisions, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that defies conventional boundaries.

Early Origins: A Young Scholar in South Africa

Musk’s educational journey commenced in Pretoria, South Africa. Although details are sparse, his academic voyage began at Waterkloof House Preparatory School, where his advanced abilities prompted him to begin a year ahead of schedule. Even in these formative years, his deep affinity for reading immersed him in the worlds of science fiction and the biographies of inventors. This initial exposure undoubtedly ignited his passion for innovation and problem-solving.

whps school building
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Crossing Continents: Queen’s University and a Shift in Focus

At the age of 17, Musk journeyed to Canada and enrolled at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. This transition not only changed his physical location but also shifted the trajectory of his academic interests. While excelling in physics, he also delved into the realms of business studies, revealing a growing curiosity about the practical applications of scientific principles.

queens university building
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Embracing Excellence: Penn’s Wharton School and Dual Degrees

In 1992, Musk set his sights on the University of Pennsylvania. Here, he embraced a comprehensive approach to education. Excelling in the rigorous business curriculum at the Wharton School, he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Economics. Concurrently, his passion for physics remained unwavering, prompting him to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in the subject.

wharton school of business building
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Brief Academic Interlude: Stanford’s Promise

Musk’s tenure at Penn marked a pivotal turning point. Accepted into Stanford University’s esteemed physics PhD program in 1995, he ventured to California with ambitious aspirations. However, after just two days, he made a bold choice – departing academia to pursue his entrepreneurial visions. He recognized that the burgeoning landscape of the internet offered greater potential for transformative impact than conventional pursuits in physics.

stanford university building
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A Lifelong Learner: Beyond the Classroom

Musk’s quest for knowledge extended far beyond formal education. A devoted reader, he voraciously consumed a diverse array of literature and articles spanning various disciplines. Embracing self-directed learning, he absorbed knowledge through independent study and hands-on experimentation. His ventures stand as living testimony to his enduring pursuit of knowledge – from pushing the boundaries of rocket science at SpaceX to pioneering advancements in battery technology at Tesla.

Educational Legacy: Beyond Academic Recognition

Elon Musk’s educational voyage stands as a testament to the potency of intellectual curiosity and the audacity to challenge established norms. He dared to carve his own path, prioritizing his vision for the future over entrenched paradigms. His journey underscores the importance of a well-rounded education, melding business acumen with scientific insight. Above all, it highlights the paramount significance of lifelong learning – an unyielding quest for knowledge that propels innovation and progress forward.


Elon Musk has disrupted multiple industries with his innovative ideas like finance , space exploration, and electric vehicle market. He is one of the few people who have single handedly changed the world. His fascination with science fiction led him to make some ground breaking innovations.


In the late 1970s, the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons became a popular obsession among the global tribe of geeks. Elon, Kimbal, and their Rive cousins immersed themselves in the game, guided by character sheets and the roll of dice. Elon usually played the Dungeon Master with gentleness, and his analytical nature was evident when they entered a tournament in Johannesburg.

blastar game
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Elon’s first computer was a Commodore VIC-20, one of the earliest personal computers, which could play games such as Galaxian and Alpha Blaster. He took a course in BASIC and attended a conference on personal computers at a university, which his father initially balked at. However, after aced a programming skills test at school, he bought an IBM PC/XT and taught himself to program using Pascal and Turbo C++. At age thirteen, he created a video game, Blastar, using 123 lines of BASIC and simple assembly language to get the graphics to work. He sold this video game to ‘PC And Office Technology’ a tech magazine for $500.

Elon then came up with a grander idea that the cousins could create a video-game arcade of their own. They knew exactly which games were the most popular, so it seemed like a sure thing. He knew how the cash flow could finance the machines. However, when the boys tried to get city permits, they were told they needed someone over eighteen to sign the application. Kimbal decided not to ask Errol, who was too hard of a human, and they went to Russ and Pete’s dad, who opted out, shutting down the whole thing.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in economics and physics from the University of Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s, Musk made his way to California. It was there that he co-founded the cutting-edge web mapping and navigation company Zip2. The business was so successful that Compaq bought it in 1999 for $307 million, providing Musk with the capital he needed to launch his next venture.

PayPal’s Rise: Revolutionizing Electronic Transactions

Musk was a partner in the online financial services business X.com, which in 1999 combined with Confinity to become the well-known PayPal. As co-CEO of PayPal, Musk played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the company as well as the online commerce revolution.

elon musk with his friend and computer screen reading 'paypal'
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The success of PayPal marked a significant turning point in Musk’s career because it not only brought him a substantial sum of money but also solidified his reputation as an inventive businessman. When eBay paid $1.5 billion to acquire PayPal in 2002, Musk was paid a share of the sales proceeds, $165 million to be exact. He funded his later endeavors with this money.

elon with his friend
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SpaceX: Revolutionizing Space Exploration

After obtaining financial resources from the PayPal acquisition, Musk established SpaceX in 2002 and concentrated on space exploration. The corporation wanted to reduce the cost of space travel and make it more accessible, therefore its goal was to build reusable rockets and spaceships.

elon musk at spacex
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Under Musk’s leadership, SpaceX has achieved a number of noteworthy firsts, including as the development and successful launch of the Dragon spacecraft as well as the Falcon 1, Falcon 9, and Falcon Heavy rockets. The company’s achievements have upended the long-standing space industry, reducing launch costs and inspiring a new generation of space enthusiasts.

One of SpaceX’s most notable accomplishments was the landing and reuse of its Falcon 9 rocket boosters, a feat previously thought to be impossible. This development in reusable rocket technology has the potential to revolutionize the space industry and make space travel more sustainable and affordable.

Tesla: Leading the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning co-founded the automobile business Tesla in 2003. Elon joined the business in 2004 and assumed the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors. 2008 saw a financial crisis and a few confrontations before Elon took over as CEO and product architect of Tesla, replacing Martin Eberhard steering the company’s growth into a global leader in the electric vehicle industry.

elon musk at tesla platform
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Under Musk’s leadership, Tesla has debuted a number of cutting-edge electric vehicles, including the Roadster, Model S, Model X, and Model 3. These vehicles have undermined the dominance of traditional manufacturers while also contributing to the acceleration of the global adoption of electric vehicles.

Tesla is much more to Musk than just producing electric vehicles. The company has also made large investments in the development of battery technology, energy storage systems, and renewable energy source infrastructure in an effort to create a more sustainable future.

One of Tesla’s most ambitious projects is the construction of the Giga factory, a massive industrial complex that produces electric motors and lithium-ion batteries for the company’s vehicles. The company has been able to lower the price of electric cars and enhance its supply chain by employing a vertically integrated model, making them more accessible to a larger group of consumers.

Rethinking Subterranean Facilities: The Boring Company

In 2016, Musk founded The Boring Company, a company devoted to developing innovative underground transportation and infrastructure systems. The company wants to relieve the growing problem of traffic congestion in urban areas by creating a network of subterranean tunnels that can be used for high-speed transit.

a drill at the boring company
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The Boring Company’s approach builds a subterranean infrastructure that is more efficient and cost-effective by utilizing cutting-edge tunneling technology, such as automated tunnel-digging equipment and inventive building processes. The company’s ultimate objective is to construct a network of interconnected tunnels that have the capacity to convey both vehicles and people, thereby reducing the strain on the surface transportation networks.

Musk’s passion and commitment to solving pressing infrastructure issues have drawn a lot of interest and money for The Boring Company’s technology, despite the company’s early stages.

Neuralink: Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Machines

In order to develop brain-computer interfaces, Musk co-founded the neurotechnology business Neuralink in 2016. The firm aims to create a seamless interface between the human brain and state-of-the-art computing technology, thereby revolutionizing a number of industries, including healthcare, communication, and cognitive development.

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Developing tiny, flexible electrodes that can be implanted into the brain to allow data transfer in both directions between the brain and external devices has been the aim of Neuralink’s research and development. The company’s long-term objective is to create a “neural lace,” or network of connected electrodes, which may be able to treat neurological conditions and enhance cognitive performance in humans.

Though Neuralink is still in the early stages of its technological development, the company’s endeavors have generated a great deal of interest and speculation on the future course of human-machine integration and its potential social implications.

Other Ventures and Investments

In addition to his main business ventures, Musk has taken part in several other projects and made wise financial decisions that demonstrate his wide range of interests and philosophy on life.

Musk has made a number of notable investments, one of which is in OpenAI, a nonprofit research group whose mission is to develop safe and useful artificial intelligence. Musk has been an outspoken supporter and financier of OpenAI, recognizing the technology’s transformative potential and advocating for its moral advancement.

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Additionally, Musk has advanced sustainable energy solutions with his investment in SolarCity, a solar energy firm founded by his cousins that Tesla eventually acquired in 2016. Tesla has been able to further Musk’s vision for a sustainable future by fusing renewable energy sources with its electric vehicle technology thanks to this acquisition.

elon musk and lyndon rive
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Furthermore, Musk has actively backed several humanitarian projects, such as the Musk Foundation, which addresses issues including pediatric research, renewable energy, human space exploration, science and engineering education, and more.

Physical Attributes

Elon Musk’s Physical Attributes: The Man Behind the Innovations

Elon Musk, the enigmatic entrepreneur and technological trailblazer, is not just a mind behind groundbreaking innovations; he also possesses a distinctive physical presence. Let’s delve into the details of Musk’s physical attributes, exploring the man beyond the headlines.

1. Height and Stature

Elon Musk stands tall at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm). His height places him well above the average for men, giving him a commanding presence in any room. Whether he’s addressing a crowd at a Tesla event or discussing SpaceX’s latest achievements, Musk’s stature adds to his aura of authority.

elon musk with others
Source : nbcnews.com

2. Lean and Athletic Build

Musk maintains a lean and athletic physique. His weight hovers around 90 kg (198.5 lbs), reflecting a healthy balance between muscle and body fat. His commitment to physical fitness aligns with his relentless pursuit of excellence in other domains. Whether he’s designing rockets or electric cars, Musk’s discipline extends to maintaining his own well-being.

3. Green Eyes and Intense Gaze

Musk’s most striking feature is undoubtedly his green eyes. They radiate intensity and curiosity—an unwavering focus that has fueled his entrepreneurial endeavors. When he speaks, his gaze pierces through distractions, conveying determination and vision. Those who have met him describe the experience as being captivated by the sheer force of his presence.

4. Hair and Facial Hair

Musk’s hair, once dark and tousled, has now transitioned to a salt-and-pepper hue. His signature look includes a neatly trimmed beard, adding a touch of rugged sophistication. Whether he’s addressing shareholders or brainstorming with engineers, his grooming remains consistent—a deliberate choice that reflects his attention to detail.

5. Attire: A Blend of Casual and Futuristic

Musk’s wardrobe mirrors his multifaceted persona. He seamlessly transitions from tailored suits during Tesla’s shareholder meetings to casual jeans and T-shirts when discussing SpaceX missions. His preference for functional clothing—often adorned with company logos—exemplifies his commitment to the causes he champions.

6. Posture and Gestures

Watch Musk during interviews, and you’ll notice his upright posture. His gestures are purposeful—whether he’s emphasizing a point or sketching out ideas on a whiteboard. His hands, calloused from years of tinkering with technology, move with precision. Musk’s body language conveys both confidence and vulnerability—an intriguing blend that draws people in.

The Total Package

Elon Musk’s physical attributes are more than mere aesthetics; they are integral to his identity. His towering height, piercing gaze, and unwavering commitment to health mirror the qualities that define his professional journey. As he continues to reshape industries and push humanity toward the stars, Musk’s physical presence remains a testament to the power of mind, body, and vision.


Elon Musk’s Complex Journey: Navigating Innovation and Controversy

Elon Musk, the enigmatic magnate of the tech realm and a billionaire, has carved a path in the corporate world marked by both controversy and pioneering advancements. His unwavering commitment to innovation often collides with controversy, sparking intense debates, legal disputes, and public scrutiny. Let’s explore some of the key controversies that have influenced Elon Musk’s odyssey.

Acquisition of Twitter and Surge in Hate Speech: In October 2022, Musk’s acquisition of Twitter for a staggering $44 billion stirred controversy, granting him control over one of the world’s largest social media platforms. However, his rebranding of the platform as “X” led to a surge in hate speech. Instances of antisemitic and racist tweets multiplied, with over 1200 reported within the first 24 hours post-acquisition. The Anti-Defamation League expressed concerns, and Musk himself contributed to the toxic atmosphere by promoting conspiracy theories and divisive content.

Decline in X’s Value and Departure of Advertisers: Since taking over, X’s value has plummeted by over 70%, now standing at a mere $19 billion—a fraction of the acquisition cost. Advertisers deserted the platform after Musk endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory. When questioned about the incident, Musk responded confrontationally, accusing advertisers of trying to blackmail X. His dismissive attitude towards advertiser concerns triggered a mass departure of major advertisers, leaving X in a precarious position.

Sexual Misconduct Settlement at SpaceX: In 2018, SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by Musk, settled a sexual misconduct allegation against the CEO. A flight attendant received $250,000 to settle the matter. The incident raised questions about workplace culture and Musk’s behavior, yet he largely emerged professionally unscathed.

Unconventional Statements and Legal Battles: Musk’s Twitter feed is filled with controversial remarks. From calling a British cave diver a “pedo guy” to tweeting about privatizing Tesla at $420 per share (resulting in SEC charges), his unfiltered communication style has embroiled him in legal disputes. The SEC settlement required Musk to step down as Tesla’s chairman and pay a substantial fine.

picture of a tweet by elon musk
Source : X.com

COVID-19 Skepticism and Vaccine Disinformation: Throughout the pandemic, Musk expressed skepticism about the severity of COVID-19, downplaying its impact. He also spread misinformation about vaccines, fueling vaccine hesitancy. His influence over millions of followers amplified these contentious views, drawing criticism from health professionals and scientists.

Source : X.com

Unconventional Behavior and Public Backlash: Musk’s eccentric behavior extends beyond social media. His appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, where he smoked marijuana, raised eyebrows.

elon musk smoking
Source : bbc.com

Public outbursts, such as accusing a Thai cave rescue diver of being a ‘pedo guy’ have led many to question his judgment and temperament.

His father, Errol Musk, gained notoriety in July 2022 when it was disclosed that he had supposedly impregnated Jana Bezuidenhout, a 35-year-old stepdaughter.

errol musk with step daughter
Source : thecurrent.pk

Elon Musk has a strained relationship with his father; during a Rolling Stone interview, he sobbed and called his father a terrible and awful man. In a different interview, Elon Musk disclosed that he attempted, but was unable, to improve his father.

Conclusion: The Impact of Innovation Elon Musk’s journey is one characterized by brilliance, audacity, and controversy. As he continues to push boundaries, he remains undeterred by public opinion. Whether praised or criticized, Musk’s influence on technology , space exploration, and renewable energy is undeniable—a testament to the intricate interplay between genius and controversy.

Elon’s Tryst With Acting

Over the years, Elon Musk has made unexpected cameos in films and television series. His cameos in “The Big Bang Theory” (2010), “Iron Man 2” (2010), and “Rick and Morty” (2019) demonstrate his adaptability and capacity to engage a broader audience than his commercial endeavors.

elon musk in big bang theory
Source : imdb.com

In the animated series “South Park” (2014), Musk played a more significant role in 2014. He played a fictionalized version of himself who became involved in a dispute with the show’s characters about the future of transportation. Elon Musk introduced “Elon’s Musk,” a new transportation service that rivaled the show’s characters’ ridesharing enterprise, in the “Handicar” episode.

elon musk in iron man 2
Source : youtube.com

In 2016, Musk starred as a fictionalized version of himself who gets caught up in the main plot of the comedy film “Why Him?”, which also starred James Franco and Bryan Cranston. The decision to include Musk in the movie was interpreted as a tribute to his increasing notoriety and impact in popular culture, as well as his aptitude for succeeding in the entertainment industry just as he has in the business sector.

Musk’s capacity to go outside the confines of his main commercial endeavors has been shown by his roles in TV series, films, and other media. Musk has demonstrated a willingness to embrace the entertainment industry and use it as a platform to express his ideas, personality, and vision with a larger audience, whether through cameo roles or more significant acting roles. In addition to being entertaining, these visits have helped to humanize Musk and increase his accessibility to the broader audience.


Preface Elon Musk, the enigmatic titan of industry and forward-thinking visionary, has left an indelible imprint on the global landscape. His tireless quest for innovation has birthed groundbreaking enterprises, spanning from the electric vehicle juggernaut Tesla to the pioneering space exploration endeavor SpaceX. Yet, beyond the headlines and cosmic odysseys, what lies at the core of Musk’s financial domain? In this comprehensive discourse, we delve into the intricate tapestry of his wealth, real estate assets, and investment endeavors.

Wealth Overview: A Meteoric Ascendance As of March 19, 2024, Elon Musk’s amassed fortune stands at a staggering $194.2 billion, firmly securing his position as the world’s second-wealthiest individual, trailing solely behind Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Musk’s wealth predominantly emanates from his equity holdings in Tesla and SpaceX. Let us embark on a deeper exploration:

Tesla: The Vanguard of Electric Mobility Musk co-established Tesla in 2003, catalyzing a paradigm shift towards sustainable transportation. His ownership stake in Tesla, comprising approximately 21% through equities and options, forms the bedrock of his wealth. However, he has pledged more than half of his shares as collateral for personal loans, amounting to $3.5 billion. Despite intermittent market fluctuations, Tesla’s stock has demonstrated remarkable growth, significantly bolstering Musk’s financial stature.

SpaceX: Aspiring to the Cosmos Founded in 2002, SpaceX has emerged as a pivotal player in the aerospace domain. Following a $750 million tender offer in June 2023, the company’s valuation soared to nearly $150 billion. Musk’s equity in SpaceX has appreciated exponentially over time, solidifying its status as a cornerstone of his financial empire.

Boring Company and Twitter: Ventures Beyond Conventional Bounds Musk’s entrepreneurial pursuits transcend the realms of electric vehicles and spacefaring. His tunneling venture, Boring Company, secured $675 million in April 2022, valuing the enterprise at $5.7 billion. Additionally, Musk made waves by acquiring Twitter for $44 billion in April 2022. Presently, he commands an estimated 74% ownership stake in the company, which has been rebranded as X.

Real Estate Holdings: From Los Angeles to Texas Musk’s real estate portfolio mirrors his diverse interests and global influence. Here are notable highlights:

Los Angeles: Musk’s primary domicile resides in the opulent enclave of Bel Air. The sprawling mansion boasts opulent amenities and panoramic vistas of the cityscape. Austin, Texas: In recent times, Musk has shifted his focus to Texas. He procured a $50 million estate near Austin, where he also established Tesla’s Gigafactory and SpaceX’s launch facilities.

Stock Market Ventures: A Strategic Approach Musk’s investment strategy melds daring risk-taking with a keen grasp of technological advancements and market dynamics. While Tesla and SpaceX dominate his investment portfolio, he also actively participates in other stock ventures. His Twitter engagements often sway market sentiments, precipitating fluctuations in related equities.

Elon Musk’s financial dominion epitomizes his audacity, innovation, and steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries. Whether launching rockets, electrifying automobiles, or engaging in discourse on cryptocurrencies via Twitter, Musk’s influence reverberates across diverse industries. As he continues to sculpt the future, one certainty remains: his financial odyssey is as riveting as the rockets that ascend into the celestial expanse.

Awards And Honors

Throughout his illustrious career, Elon Musk has garnered a constellation of prestigious accolades and honors. In 2007, he was bestowed with the Inc Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year award in recognition of his groundbreaking work at SpaceX and Tesla. The following year, Musk’s remarkable contributions to space travel earned him the George Low Award from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Notably, in 2008, both SolarCity and Tesla were honored with the 2008 National Conservation Achievement Award by the National Wildlife Federation. Musk’s impact extended beyond Earth’s atmosphere, as evidenced by the Von Braun Trophy awarded to him in 2009 by the National Space Society. His crowning achievement came in 2010, when the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale bestowed upon him the Gold Space Medal, the highest honor in aviation and space, for pioneering the first privately funded rocket to successfully enter orbit.

Musk’s legacy also includes being named a Living Legend of Aviation by the Kitty Hawk Foundation in 2010 and receiving the prestigious $250,000 Heinlein Prize for Advances in Space Commercialization in 2011. The Royal Aeronautical Society recognized his exceptional contributions in 2012 by awarding him the esteemed Gold Medal. In 2015, Musk was granted Honorary Membership in IEEE, further affirming his impact on technology and innovation. Most recently, in 2021, he was honored as Time Person of the Year, cementing his status as a visionary and trailblazer in the realms of science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Elon’ s Favorite Hangouts

Decoding Musk’s Downtime: Where Does the Tech Titan Hang Out?

Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur behind Tesla, SpaceX, and a constellation of audacious ventures, isn’t just a workaholic. Despite his relentless drive, Musk does carve out time for leisure. But where does the world’s busiest billionaire unwind? Unlike the typical celebrity hotspot haunts, Musk’s preferred hangouts reflect a unique blend of casual comfort and a touch of the unconventional.

The Backyard Oasis: Home is Where the (Rocket) Launch is

For Musk, home is more than just a place to rest his head.  His sprawling California estate in Boca Chica, Texas, serves as a launchpad for both his ambitions and relaxation.  Here, amidst the futuristic prototypes and towering Starship rockets, Musk reportedly enjoys spending time with friends and family, barbequing under the vast Texas sky.

elon musk's house in texas
Source : Teslarati.com

The Digital Watering Hole: Twitter (or is it X now?)

While his pronouncements on the platform haven’t always been smooth sailing, Musk has admitted to spending a significant amount of time on Twitter (now rebranded as X).  Whether engaging in late-night philosophical musings or sparring with critics, X appears to be Musk’s digital hangout of choice. Here, he interacts with fans, participates in memes, and occasionally drops cryptic hints about his upcoming ventures.

Friend Circles and Silicon Valley Soirees

Despite his unconventional persona, Musk does have a close circle of friends.  Reports suggest gatherings at the homes of fellow tech titans like Larry Page (Google co-founder) and Sergey Brin (Google co-founder) – private soirees where the conversation likely revolves around the future of technology, sprinkled with a dash of friendly competition.

elon musk at a party
Source : thenewyorktimes.com

A Foodie with a Fissionable Twist

While not a regular at Michelin-starred restaurants, Musk does have a few preferred dining spots.  Fonda San Miguel in Austin, Texas, is a favorite, offering authentic Mexican cuisine.  He’s also been spotted at Sushi Park in Los Angeles, indulging in his reported love for sushi.  Interestingly, Musk has even hinted at the possibility of opening a restaurant on Mars, serving “hydroponically-grown Martian delicacies” – a testament to his ability to take even leisure activities to another level.

The Great Outdoors: A Universe of Inspiration

Beyond the confines of boardrooms and launchpads, Musk finds solace in nature.  He’s an avid hiker, with reports suggesting he enjoys exploring the trails around his Texas estate.  He’s also expressed a fascination with the vastness of space, a passion reflected in his companies’ goals.  Perhaps for Musk, the ultimate hangout isn’t a physical location, but the boundless expanse of the universe – a constant source of inspiration for his audacious endeavors.

The Enigma Endures: A Glimpse into Musk’s Off-Duty Life

While not as widely publicized as his business dealings, Elon Musk’s leisure pursuits offer a fascinating glimpse into the man behind the megaprojects. His hangouts, from the comfort of his home to the digital sphere of X, reflect a personality that’s equal parts workaholic, visionary, and a touch eccentric.  As Musk continues to disrupt industries and chase his ambitions, one thing remains certain – his downtime, much like the man himself, is likely to be anything but ordinary.

Books That Had an Impact on Elon Musk

Analyzing Elon Musk’s Literary Influences to Develop Creativity

Elon Musk, a well-known person best known for his contributions to the creation of electric cars and space exploration, is driven by an unquenchable curiosity and boundless creativity. What inspires him to pursue his artistic goals? Outside of scientific publications and technical instructions, Musk’s extensive reading collection has a significant impact on his perspective. Let’s look at the intriguing books that Elon Musk has chosen to read and find out which ones drive his creativity.

Examining Science Fiction: Creating a Map of Upcoming Frontiers

Musk describes himself as a “science fiction enthusiast,” so it should come as no surprise that he enjoys reading books that examine the apparently endless uses of technology and space exploration. Musk may have been motivated to guide humanity into the future among the stars by Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series, which imagines a galaxy governed by reason and science. Robert Heinlein’s groundbreaking book “Stranger in a Strange Land,” which addressed themes of individuality and modern change, may also have contributed to Musk’s inclination to challenge norms.

book cover of asimov's book the gods themselves
Source : theportalist.com

Gathering Information from Biographies: Examining Trailblazers

Musk finds both imagined worlds and true stories of trailblazers and visionaries to be fascinating. Biographies such as “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life” by Walter Isaacson and others shed light on the unconventional life of an entrepreneurial polymath, which is the path that Musk seems to be following. In addition to describing Musk’s journey, Ashlee Vance’s book “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future” asks readers to reflect on his life path and crucial decisions.

Embracing Business and Economics: Establishing the Foundation

Musk recognizes the need of ethical business practices even if he is always daydreaming about space exploration and technical advancements. Books like Peter Thiel’s “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future,” which emphasize creating unique enterprises rather than replicas, have undoubtedly had a significant impact on Musk’s entrepreneurial spirit. Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations,” which explores the ideas of free markets and economic progress, has a blueprint for creating sustainable enterprises that may support Musk’s lofty plans.

book cover of the book zero to one
Source : wikimedia commons

A Wide Variety of Books

Musk reads a wide range of books on topics other than technology and business. Douglas Adams’ satirical classic “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” with its blend of humor and philosophical observations, is certainly a wonderful escape for Musk from the grind of his work. Additionally, Musk’s admiration for Fyodor Dostoevsky suggests that, despite his technological pursuits, he finds opportunity for contemplation in the profound psychological and philosophical themes in Dostoevsky’s writings.

book cover of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
Source :

A Flexible Reading List: Reflecting an Inquisitive Mind

Elon Musk’s reading list is as ever-changing as his projects; new books are reportedly being added on a regular basis. Even if it’s unclear exactly how these books have affected his worldview, one thing is for sure: they provide a window into the mind of a visionary who has been deeply touched by the transformative power of literature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Elon Musk best known for?

Elon Musk is a renowned entrepreneur who leads several innovative companies. He is best known for Tesla (electric vehicles and clean energy) and SpaceX (aerospace manufacturing and space exploration).

2. How did Elon Musk acquire Twitter?

In a controversial move, Elon Musk acquired Twitter in April 2023 . The acquisition was followed by a well-publicized purge of blue verification checkmarks from inactive or non-paying users .

3. Is Elon Musk involved in any legal disputes?

Elon Musk has been involved in various controversies. One such instance was his public threat of a lawsuit against Microsoft over the alleged use of Twitter data.

4. Where can I learn more about Elon Musk?

Several news outlets cover Elon Musk’s ventures and controversies. Reputable sources include CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg.

Elon Musk

Personal DetailsInformation
Full NameElon Reeve Musk
Birth NameElon Reeve Musk
Nick Name(s)Iron Man
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Engineer, Investor
NationalityAmerican, Canadian, South African
ReligionNone (Atheist)
Date of BirthJune 28, 1971
Birth PlacePretoria, South Africa
Zodiac SignCancer
AddressLos Angeles, California, USA
Food HabitsVegetarian
Political ProximityIndependent
HobbiesReading, Designing, Engineering
Physical AttributesInformation
Height (approx.)188 cm (6 ft 2 in)
Weight79 kg (174 lbs)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Fitness RoutineWeightlifting, Cardio
SchoolWaterkloof House Preparatory School, Pretoria, South Africa
College / UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania
Educational QualificationBachelor’s degree in Economics and Bachelor’s degree in Physics
SpouseJustine Wilson ( m.2000-2008 ), Talulah Riley (m. 2010–2012, 2013–2016), Shivon Zillis
Children11 children with 3 different partners (Justine Wilson , Talulah Riley and Shivon Zillis )
ParentsMaye Musk (mother), Errol Musk (father)
SiblingsKimbal Musk (brother), Tosca Musk (sister)
Close FriendsInformation
Peter Thielco-founder of PayPal
Larry Ellisonco-founder of Oracle
Reid Hoffmanco-founder of LinkedIn
Embarrassing Moments
2018: Criticized for calling a British diver a “pedo guy”.
2018: Fined by SEC for misleading statements about taking Tesla private.
Companies foundedPayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company, Neuralink
Companies acquiredSolarCity , Twitter ( now X )
InvestmentsOpenAI, Planetary Resources, Hyperloop One
Most profitable companyTesla
Net worthEstimated at $196 billion (as of March 2024 )
Advertiser Exodus: Musk’s handling of X’s finances led to a 70% decline in its value, with advertisers fleeing after he endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory. His response? “Go f–k yourselves” and a bizarre Earth-related analogy.
Affair With Google Co-founder’s Wife: Despite being close friends with Sergey Brin, Musk was involved in an intimate relationship with Brin’s wifeLegal and regulatory troubles from tweets and statements.
Conspiracy Theories and Controversial Views: Musk has promoted conspiracy theories, faced accusations of antisemitism, and made divisive statements on topics like COVID-19 vaccines and international relations.
Tesla’s “Funding Secured” Tweet: Musk’s infamous 2018 tweet about taking Tesla private led to legal battles and scrutiny1.
Concerns about worker safety at Tesla factories.
Criticism for ambitious timelines and overpromising.
Awards & HonoursInformation
Science/Innovation AwardsIEEE Honorary Membership, Heinlein Prize, Turing Award
Business AwardsFortune’s Businessperson of the Year, Forbes’ 100 Greatest Business Minds
State HonoursSouth African Order of the Baobab in Silver
International Awards & HonoursTime’s 100 Most Influential People, Fortune’s 50 Greatest Leaders
PollsFortune’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders, Forbes’ Most Powerful People
Relationships & MarriageInformation
Marital StatusDivorced
Marriage Date2010 (Talulah Riley), 2013 (Talulah Riley)
Affairs/GirlfriendsTalulah Riley, Grimes
DirectorChristopher Nolan
ActorsRobert Downey Jr., Tom Hanks
ActressesScarlett Johansson, Emma Stone
FilmInterstellar, Inception
MusiciansLinkin Park, Muse
TV ShowsGame of Thrones, Breaking Bad
Song“Starman” by David Bowie
FoodVegetables, Fruits
CityLos Angeles
ColorBlack, White
Cars CollectionTesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Roadster
PropertiesHomes in California, Texas, and other locations

Reference : http://www.wikipedia.com