Dilip kumar with Ashok Kumar
Saira Banu Recalls How Dilip Kumar Forged a Brotherly Bond With Ashok Kumar

Saira Banu recently took to Instagram to share the fond memories of relationship her late husband Dilip Kumar ( who she fondly calls Sahib ) shared with Ashok Kumar who he called ‘Bhaiyya’. She credits Bhaiyya for initiating Sahib into the Film Industry. She recounts how over a period spanning a lifetime they both came to share a bond that is so missing in today’s film fraternity and took their camaraderie to a whole new level.

A Chance Meeting of Dilip kumar and Ashok Kumar Leads to New Horizons

One fine morning, Sahib had a serendipitous encounter with Dr. Masani, a friend of his father’s. During their conversation, Dilip Kumar confided that he was on the hunt for a job. Dr. Masani, always one to provide sage advice, proposed that Sahib accompany him to meet Mrs. Devika Rani, the prominent figurehead of Bombay Talkies Studio. The suggestion held promise, and they embarked on this novel journey together.

An Elegant Welcome and Unforgettable Introduction

The atmosphere at Bombay Talkies Studio was buzzing with creativity and activity. As they stepped into this realm of filmmaking, Sahib and Dr. Masani were greeted by the graceful Devika Raniji herself. She graciously took them under her wing, leading them to the heart of the studio where filming was underway. Amidst the whirl of lights and cameras, Devika Raniji introduced them to a distinguished gentleman. This man, impeccably dressed with suave charisma, was none other than Ashok Kumar. His sleek, dark hair was neatly combed, and his eyes radiated warmth as he smiled at Dilip Kumar. Their connection was sealed with a warm handshake, marking the commencement of a friendship that would span a lifetime.

Embracing a Mentorship and a Cherished Nickname

Ashok Kumar, who would soon be affectionately known as “Bhaiyya” to Dilip Kumar, recognized the purpose behind Sahib’s presence. With genuine understanding, he addressed Sahib’s aspirations, acknowledging his handsome demeanor and eagerness to excel. The advice was simple yet profound: approach each scene as if it were a real-life situation, channeling natural behavior rather than artificial acts that may seem contrived.

Bonds Beyond the Studio

Heartwarming Hospitality and Unbreakable Bonds

Ashok Bhaiyya’s proximity to the studio led to frequent interactions with fellow actors Raj and Dilip Kumar. Bhaiyya’s home became a haven of hospitality, where the aroma of hot Bhajiyas prepared by his wife, Shoba Bhabhi, enveloped them. Raj Kapoor’s exuberance was evident as he enthusiastically embraced Dilip Kumar, elated by Dilip Kumar’s entry into the realm of acting. On occasion, Bhaiyya would unexpectedly join their Bhajiya sessions and playfully insist on a game of badminton. With a teasing tone, he would jest, “You indulge in my wife’s culinary delights, yet you evade joining me in a game of badminton!”

Nurturing Professional Relationships and Shared Delights

As time progressed, their collaborations flourished. Upon Ashok Bhaiyya’s instruction, lunchtimes became a feast to remember, featuring delectable treats like Biryani and homemade ice cream. Their camaraderie extended beyond the film sets, deepening the bonds formed over shared experiences and cherished meals.

Sustaining Friendship Through Adversity

Years down the line, when health issues constrained Bhaiyya’s mobility, Sahib took it upon himself to be a source of joy during visits to Bhaiyya’s Chembur residence. Even in moments of physical weakness, Bhaiyya’s spirit remained vibrant, and Sahib’s Urdu couplets and playful jests never failed to elicit laughter. This steadfast friendship was a beacon of light during challenging times.

A Testament to True Companionship

As Dilip Kumar and his companion continued their regular visits, Bhaiyya’s confidant, Khurshid, observed the transformative effect of their presence. He acknowledged that Bhaiyya’s spirits were invariably lifted and enlivened by their visits, a testament to the power of genuine companionship during adversity.

In retrospect, their journey from a fortuitous meeting to lifelong camaraderie served as a poignant reminder that amidst the complexities of life, genuine human connections are the threads that truly sustain us.