In the highly competitive world of Bollywood, where countless aspiring actors dream of making it big, Sidharth Malhotra has managed to make a comfortable space for himself. With his charming looks, impressive acting skills, and a string of successful films, Malhotra has become one of the most sought-after actors in the industry. This article delves into the life and career of Sidharth Malhotra, from his humble beginnings to his rise to stardom.

Early Life and Education

Sidharth Malhotra was born on January 16, 1985, in Delhi, India, and comes from a Punjabi Hindu family. His father, Sunil Malhotra, is a former captain in the Merchant Navy, while his mother, Rimma Malhotra, is a homemaker. He also has an older brother named Harshad Malhotra who is a banker. Sidharth received his education at Delhi’s Birla Vidya Niketan. He completed class XI at the all-boys Don Bosco School. He then transferred to Naval Public School.Malhotra enrolled in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi, where he pursued a Bachelor of Commerce degree.


In terms of Siddharth’s personal life, his parents wanted him to become an engineer because of his exceptional academic ability, but he was more interested in sports. Siddharth admits that he likes drinking hot chocolate and that when he was younger, he used to trick his grandma and steal money to buy it. As a fan of the superstar Shahrukh Khan, he used to imitate the actor’s mannerisms while still in school. Because of his deep love for animals, Mr. Siddharth has become involved with a number of non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Sidharth is a straightlaced person who likes to steer clear of issues and controversies. Unlike people of the B-town , he does’nt like to rake up issues to gain attention.However, ever so wary, he has been a part of many controversies regarding his relationships , still he has managed to forge strong and meaningful realtionships like the one he has with Varun Dhawan.


Talking about  Sidharth Malhotra’s physical attributes, it’s evident that his appearance is not only captivating but also a proof of his dedication to maintaining a well-rounded physique. His height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 centimeters) grants him a towering presence, allowing him to effortlessly command attention on and off the screen.

With a weight of approximately 80 kilograms (176 pounds), Sidharth strikes a balance between muscularity and agility, a trait that undoubtedly contributes to his versatility as an actor. His commitment to fitness is further emphasized by his body measurements, which include a chest of 42 inches, a waistline measuring 30 inches, and biceps that boast an impressive 16-inch. These proportions not only accentuate his masculine frame but also add to his charismatic on-screen persona.

Completing the visual ensemble is Sidharth’s lustrous black hair, which frames his face and further enhances his rugged yet sophisticated appearance. The black hair color not only complements his features but also contributes to his timeless appeal.

In conclusion, Sidharth Malhotra’s physical attributes are a harmonious blend of stature, fitness, and captivating features. His towering height, well-maintained physique, and distinct eye and hair colors all play a significant role in establishing him as a charismatic figure in the world of Bollywood. Beyond his acting skills, his physical presence has undoubtedly contributed to his widespread popularity and enduring charm.


From a young age, Sidharth had a passion for acting and filmmaking. He was deeply influenced by the movies he watched, especially those featuring his role model, Shah Rukh Khan. This early fascination with the world of cinema fueled his desire to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


Sidharth is a straightforward individual who favours to keep issues at a distance. On the other hand, rumours about him dating actresses have frequently landed him in hot water without his knowledge. He has many close friends in the industry and very tight relationships with several Bollywood celebrities, notably his co-stars Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt, with whom he has collaborated on numerous projects.

Siddharth like eating home-cooked meals and sweets like gulab jamun and jalebi when it comes to his tastes and preferences. When he was in school, eating chicken rolls while unwinding at PVR Saket in Delhi was the most dedicated and cherished part of his life.

Modelling Career and Transition to Acting

At the age of 18, Malhotra embarked on a successful career in modeling. His tall and slender frame caught the attention of many renowned fashion designers and photographers. For four years, he walked the ramp, graced magazine covers, and became a well-known face in the fashion industry. However, despite his success, Malhotra felt dissatisfied with the profession and decided to explore his passion for acting.  Sidharth Malhotra started modeling when he was 18 years old, although acting was never his first choice of career.

He realised early on in his modeling career that acting was the right job for him. In the popular ZEE TV television series Prithviraj Chauhan, he co-starred alongside actor Rajat Tokas. The actor started working as an assistant director after signing a contract for Anubhav Sinha’s project, which was abandoned in the middle of production, in order to have a better grasp of the movie-making process. He was expected to co-star with Priyanka Chopra in the 2008 film Fashion as part of his agreement with Gladrags. Unfortunately, the actor was unable to participate in the film’s production.

Acting Debut and Breakthrough with “Student of the Year”

Malhotra’s big break in the film industry came when he auditioned for a lead role in director Anubhav Sinha’s project. Although the film was eventually shelved, he caught the attention of renowned filmmaker Karan Johar, who offered him an opportunity to work as an assistant director on the film “My Name is Khan” (2010). This experience further fueled his desire to pursue acting as a career.

In 2012, Malhotra finally made his acting debut in Karan Johar’s coming-of-age film “Student of the Year.” Starring alongside fellow newcomers Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt, Malhotra portrayed the character of Abhimanyu Singh, a scholarship student. The film was a commercial success, grossing $14 million worldwide, and received positive reviews. Malhotra’s earnest performance and pleasing presence were widely appreciated by both critics and audiences.

Varied Roles and Commercial Success

Following his successful debut, Malhotra went on to portray diverse characters in a range of films. In 2014, he did a romantic comedy film with Parineeti Chopra called “Hasee Toh Phasee”. Although the film received mixed reviews, Malhotra’s screen presence and acting skills were praised by critics.

The same year, Malhotra showcased his versatility by playing the role of Guru Divekar, a hardened criminal, in the romantic thriller “Ek Villain.” Co-starring Shraddha Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh, the film was a commercial success, grossing over $21 million worldwide. Malhotra’s portrayal of the complex character earned him accolades and established him as one of the promising new actors in Hindi cinema.

Career Fluctuations and Critical Acclaim

Despite the early successes, Malhotra faced a career downturn with films like “Brothers” (2015), which failed to impress both critics and audiences. However, he regained critical acclaim with the family drama “Kapoor & Sons” (2016). Starring alongside Fawad Khan and Alia Bhatt, Malhotra’s performance as one of the two brothers in a dysfunctional family received positive reviews. The film did well,collecting over 160 crores  worldwide.

Over the next few years, Malhotra appeared in films like “Baar Baar Dekho” (2016) and “A Gentleman” (2017), which received mixed responses from audiences and critics. However, he continued to explore diverse roles, showcasing his range as an actor.

“Shershaah” and Critical Acclaim

In 2021, Malhotra took on the challenging role of Indian military officer Vikram Batra in the biographical-action war film “Shershaah.” The film, directed by Vishnuvardhan, depicted the life and sacrifice of the war hero. Malhotra’s portrayal of Vikram Batra earned him critical acclaim and a nomination for the prestigious Filmfare Award for Best Actor. Despite mixed reviews, the film was appreciated for its realistic portrayal of the war and the emotional depth of Malhotra’s performance.

Estimated Net Worth

Sidharth Malhotra’s net worth in Indian rupees in 2024 will be at 200 Crore. He is regarded as one of the best young performers in the Bollywood industry and has a sizable fan base. He makes the most of his money from Bollywood films, and he is paid well for his roles in them. Sidharth Malhotra chares around 10 crore rupees for  a single movie. Being a well-known Bollywood actor, he earns a sizable sum of money from brand sponsorships, which account for a substantial chunk of his income. He charges around 3 crores for a brand endorsement.He experiences a net worth increase of about 26% per year. In a given year, Sidharth Malhotra ends up making a total of 20 crore rupees.


As a young, rising star in the Indian film industry, Sidharth Malhotra is in high demand from businesses looking to hire him as a brand ambassador. He was chosen to be a brand ambassador for  the New Zealand Tourism Board. In addition, the actor represents a few companies as a brand ambassador, including “Belvedere Vodka,” “Hoppits,” “Ponds talcum powder,” “Brylcream,” and “Pepe Jeans,” among others. Coca-cola, “Metro Shoes,” and a few other brands can all be referred to by the abbreviation “Metro Shoes.”


Sidharth Malhotra, one of the most well-known Bollywood actors, enjoys investing in the cars and motorcycles of his dreams and is the proud owner of a number of high-end vehicles. Sidharth Malhotra’s  car collection is quite impressive as well. The most expensive car in his garage is the Range Rover Vogue, this was also the first car he bought.

Another car that he owns is the  Mercedes ML 350 CDI). The “Harley Davidson Fat Boy” motorcycle is  another prized possession that belongs to Sidharth Malhotra .

Training and workout

He is a fitness nut just like Varun Dhawan. Satish Narkar, a personal trainer, assists him.

His dance workouts also help him stay in shape. But aside from 10 minutes of weight training, Sid only exercises when he dances a lot. Every four weeks, he alters his workout routine.

Being a Punjabi kid, he has a passionate love for non-vegetarian food. He also has a sweet tooth, therefore he finds it difficult to control his desire to consume dessert. Sid prefers food made at home. He prefers to bring homemade food with him when he is on set.

He tries to consume dark chocolate (which provides antioxidants), fruits (instead of fruit juices), jaggery (which contains a lot of iron), etc. when he has a sweet tooth. Fruits, rather than fruit juice, are a much better choice, in Malhotra’s opinion, because the former is richer in fibre and nutrients while the latter has fewer calories. He eats steaming food as well. To prevent boredom and train his body to adapt to different kinds of food, Sid constantly changes his diet.

He tries to stay away from booze and smokes during parties. But occasionally, Sidharth may hold a glass of wine and sip from it.

Personal Life and Relationships

In his personal life, Malhotra has been the center of media attention for his relationships. He was rumored to be in a relationship with fellow actor Alia Bhatt during their film “Student of the Year.” However, the couple reportedly parted ways, and Malhotra later began dating his “Shershaah” co-star Kiara Advani. The couple tied the knot on February 7, 2023, in a private ceremony held at Suryagarh Palace in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Charitable Work and Philanthropy

Beyond his acting career, Malhotra has actively engaged in charitable work. In 2013, he performed at a charity event to raise funds for the flood victims of Uttarakhand. He has also collaborated with organizations like PETA to promote animal welfare and create awareness about dogs. Through his philanthropic efforts, Malhotra has used his fame to make a positive impact on society.

Recognition and Awards

Throughout his career, Sidharth Malhotra has garnered recognition and accolades for his performances. In his debut year, he received the Stardust Award for Most Promising Debut Male and the South Africa India Film and Television Award for Debut Actor of the Year. He has also received several nominations for awards such as the Filmfare Award for Best Male Actor and the BIG Star Entertainment Award for Entertainer of the Year.


Sidharth Malhotra’s journey from a successful model to a prominent actor in Bollywood is a testament to his talent, determination, and versatility. With each film, he has pushed the boundaries of his abilities and captivated audiences with his performances. From his debut in “Student of the Year” to his critically acclaimed role in “Shershaah,” Malhotra continues to evolve as an actor, leaving his mark on the Indian film industry. As he ventures into new projects and explores different genres, audiences can eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his career.

Trivia About Sidharth Malhotra

1. As a model, Sidharth Malhotra has been on the covers of publications like Gladrags, Men’s Health, and RedBook.

2. He also assisted Karan Johar in directing the Shahrukh Khan-starring 2010 movie My Name is Khan.

3. Sidharth, the male lead in Student of the Year, and Varun Dhawan both worked as Karan Johar’s associate directors for My Name is Khan.

4. His parents are both Punjabis. While his father is an Indian native of New Delhi, his mother is from the Punjabi city of Amritsar.

5. He is not related to renowned Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra , though he shares a good relationship with him

6. Sid characterizes himself as shy, emotional, introverted, and sensitive. He takes the time to be transparent with others.

7. Malhotra was named the 2009 Gladrags Face of the Year.

8. Sid was also named the 2010 Model Of The Year by NDTV.

9. He thinks Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, and Katrina Kaif are all quite attractive.

10. Alia was 17 years old and Sid was 25 when they first met. When she arrived at the Dharma Office wearing her school uniform with her mother, he was immediately drawn to her.

11. Oscar is the name of his dog.

12. Consider following Sidharth on Twitter.