A major security breach rocked the Indian Parliament on Wednesday when two individuals, Sagar and Manoranjan D, gained access to the Lok Sabha chamber and disrupted proceedings. Notably, their visitor passes bore the signature of Pratap Sinha, a BJP MP from Mysuru. This article explores Sinha’s connection to the incident and his past record of controversial statements.

pratap sinha

Under Scrutiny: When issuing visitor passes, MPs are expected to personally know the individuals they vouch for. The discovery of Sinha’s name on the intruders’ passes has drawn sharp criticism, prompting him to clarify his position to the Lok Sabha Speaker. Sinha claims the father of one intruder hails from his constituency and requested the pass. However, reports indicate Manoranjan D persistently contacted Sinha’s aide for the pass for himself and Sagar.

Beyond Explanation: Beyond Sinha’s limited explanation, several questions remain unanswered. Was he truly unaware of the intruders’ intentions? Did he fail to exercise due diligence while authorizing the passes? These critical gaps leave room for speculation and potential security negligence.

A Controversial Figure: Pratap Sinha’s past is peppered with controversial statements and actions. Notably, he has:

Opposed the celebration of Tipu Sultan’s birthday: Viewing Sultan as a symbol for “Islamists.”
Advocated for the culling of stray dogs: Deeming them a menace despite animal rights concerns.
Threatened to demolish bus stations: Due to their perceived resemblance to mosques, sparking religious animosity.
These past instances raise further questions about Simha’s judgment and sensitivity towards diverse viewpoints.

Beyond Blame Game: While scrutiny of Sinha’s role is important, the focus should not solely fall on him. A thorough investigation is crucial to understand the systemic security lapses that enabled this breach. Additionally, fostering a culture of accountability within Parliament is vital to prevent such incidents from recurring.

In Conclusion: The Parliament security breach has exposed vulnerabilities in the system and raises concerns about potential misuse of access privileges. While Pratap Sinha’s connection to the intruders requires further investigation, the focus should move beyond individual blame towards a comprehensive inquiry and stronger security measures to safeguard the sanctity of the Indian Parliament.