Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar’s love story is the kind of tale that becomes the stuff of legends. Over the years, much has been written and talked about the couple who were married for an impressive 55 years, until Dilip Kumar’s passing in 2021. Saira Banu, who celebrated her 79th birthday on August 23rd, has shared a special message on Instagram. She revealed that her magical love story with Dilip Kumar started at her 22nd birthday party in 1966. She posted a beautiful black-and-white picture from that significant birthday, sharing details. In the picture, Saira Banu, adorned in a saree, stands in front of a cake with Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar on either side, along with others.

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Saira Banu ‘s Special Birthdays

Sharing her story, Saira Banu talked about growing up with her mother, Pari Chehra Naseem Banu ji, who always made her birthdays truly special. Saira Banu mentioned, “For as long as I can remember, birthdays have held such a ‘special’ place for me. My mother went to great lengths to ensure I had the most enjoyable time with my friends, whether we were here in Mumbai or at the London School. And who could forget the towering layered cake that was so impressive! We were a closely-knit small family, always showering affection on each other – my grandma, grand-aunt, mother, and my dear brother Sultan.”

Garden Of Eden

As Saira Banu stepped into the world of cinema, these birthday celebrations became even more extravagant. She remarked, “Then came a stroke of luck! Just after I completed my studies in London and returned to Bombay, I had the incredible opportunity to work in ‘Junglee,’ a super hit Eastman Colour Film that became a sensation at the time. Until then, black and white films were the norm. Suddenly, life turned into a whirlwind of light and happiness, and occasions like birthdays became a flood of admiration, flowers, and messages from friends and fans, transforming our house into a ‘Garden of Eden.'”

Saira Banu Builds House Opposite Sahib’s

Reflecting on the birthday party in 1966 that altered her life’s course, Saira Banu shared, “On August 23rd, 1966, a memorable evening unfolded during the House Warming of our new home at 34-B Pali Hill. The house was intentionally built right in front of Dilip Sahib’s own residence (‘Dar Kay Saamney’). He was filming in Madras, and upon my mother’s invitation, he flew into town to attend my birthday. Life suddenly became filled with good fortune, one miracle after another. Can you imagine that the ‘Emperor Of Acting,’ for whom the world was a stage? Mr. Dilip Kumar, who had known me since I was a young girl and initially declined to work with me, changed his tune after meeting me at this House Warming Party. He exclaimed, ‘You have grown up into a beautiful young lady!'”

Finally It Happens

“In the following days, he traveled back and forth from Madras to Bombay, dining with me every other night. It was during one of these enchanting evenings that he posed the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ This was the realization of a dream I had cherished since my teenage years. We happily married, and I transitioned from an admiring fan to a devoted wife. I had the opportunity to witness the various aspects and qualities of this remarkable human being. He was unlike anyone I had ever encountered – a man who radiated a regal aura of graceful simplicity,” Saira Banu penned, recounting the legendary actor’s proposal to her.